A First Family Pet – Documentary Session | McHenry County IL Family Photographer

Day 64 | 365

On a whim of exchanged whispers and smiles between my husband and I, we pulled in front of a local pet shop and decided that the day had come when we would have our first pet – a fish.  Seeing the animals on the store sign, Merrill’s voice raised in pitch as he excitedly asked if we were going to get a fish.  We said we were and he immediately lit up with excitement, his hands racing to get unbuckled from his booster seat as fast as his 4-year-old hands would allow.

The boys couldn’t have been more excited to be in the store and I don’t think I had ever heard, “Momma!  Come here!  I wanna show you something!” in such quick succession and as often as I did within that pet shop.  Merrill went from tank to tank and pen to pen inspecting each and every creature there.

Merrill knew exactly which fish should be ours and without hesitation named him Bhami. The looks of love, the words of reassurance said to our newest family member, and the utter excitement written on both our boys’ faces was absolutely unfathomable. Unfathomable and amazing.